Outpatient Care

At each Qualitas centre, particular attention and care is given to each patient. We focus on the overall health and wellbeing of the patient, and offer specialist outpatient care and services in all our ambulatory care centres. Special emphasis is also given to patients who have certain sensitive conditions that require adequate monitoring and appropriate care. Ambulatory care prevents or reduces the need of hospital admission for patients with these conditions.

Patient at our Hospital Outpatient Care Centre

Outpatient Department

The Qualitas Ambulatory Care service includes an outpatient department for patients looking for quality care and continuous treatment without being admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay.

Wellness and prevention services, such as psychological counseling and weight-loss programmes, diagnostic services, such as blood and urine lab tests, x-rays, and cranial scans, like MRIs and CAT scans, treatments such as some surgeries and chemotherapy; and rehabilitation such as physical therapy.

At Qualitas, we also offer remote monitoring, telephone and video consultations for the ease of our patients.