ACC @ Evesuite Medical Centre provides ambulatory care, performed on an outpatient basis, without having to be admitted to the hospital.

Ambulatory care is generally provided to patients through ambulatory surgical centres and the offices of physicians and other health professionals.

Ambulatory care centres give patients and doctors the opportunity to proactively manage chronic conditions, prevent serious illness and improve the overall health of the community.


Certain sensitive conditions require adequate monitoring and appropriate care. Ambulatory care prevents or reduces the need of hospital admission for patients with these conditions.


Prevention and basic primary care as well as mental health and weight loss centre.


Medical imaging services such as X-rays, lab and blood tests, 4D ultrasound and treadmill screening for various cancers and illnesses.

Procedures and Surgery

Exclusive surgery for outpatient treatment and care which include various forms of therapy.

We offer specialist outpatient care at ACC @ Evesuite Medical Centre – Ara Damansara.

Our Ambulatory Care Centre is managed by Qualitas Health.